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772 Pinjarra Rd, Furnissdale (Mandurah)

Servicing Western Australia


(08) 9584 2962

Servicing Western Australia
Address: 772 Pinjarra Rd, Furnissdale

Renovations and Extensions

Shed conversion to granny flat

Shed Renovations

Convert a simple storage shed into a useable granny flat, massage room or home gym. Our carpenters can add additional walls, install floors, and custom build to your preferred layout. 

Shed renovation

Renovation – Shower area

Bathroom Renovations

Add value to your home with a bathroom renovation. Our trusted team can perform a complete bathroom makeover, and you can start benefiting from better used space and more sleek and modern features. You can even save money on electricity and water with new low-energy and water saving fixtures. 

Renovation – Toilet area

Attic ladders

Create more space and make decluttering easy by utilising your roof storage. We can make a easy to use pull down ladder for easy access to your attic. 

Door options

We have a range of doors on offer for renovations and our timber cabins. Leadlight doors, multi sections, timber and bamboo, we have something to suit your theme and budget.

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